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Titanic Lavatory Mist

by Blue Q

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It's the largest Steamer in the world! 💩🚢

Keep our Titanic Lavatory Mist on the bathroom sink, in plain view, You know, in the event things go ass-backwards. It's sort of like having 500 or more lifeboats available, whenever you need them... Too soon?

  • Titanic Lavatory Mist
  • Welcome aboard! Drop your trunks and relax!
  • Forecast: Smooth movement ahead. Have a seat and enjoy a luxurious ride atop this mighty steamer. In the event of olfactory unpleasantness, spritz this fine mist to leave nothing but a beautiful scent in your wake.
  • Two quick mists cures the air of foul orders with the delicate scent of vetiver (similar to lemongrass) & rose.
  • Over 500 applications in every bottle.
  • Made in USA!

Scented with Rose and Vetiver. Plastic bottle contains 5.3 fl. oz./156 ml. Measures 6 inches x 1.75 inches. 5.3 fl. oz. Made in USA. A gift that will set sail a half-thousand shits.