Uncanny Cocktail Wiener Erasers

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Oh, don't be such a weenie! Of course, our Uncanny Cocktail Wiener Erasers are the perfect departure gift from a less than admirable ex-boyfriend! Particularly after you discovered he was just a pig in a blanket. I mean, there are wurst things you can do! Might as well leave a small package for him to remember you by!

If you've been carefully curating your eraser collection since elementary school (like us) you can't miss out on the entire collection of Fred's Uncanny Erasers! Imagine the faces on future generations when they stumble upon these bizarre artifacts!

Bearing an uncanny resemblance to a small can of food, the retro label makes it all the more appetizing! With the official name Li'l Wieners Cocktail Style Erasers printed on the label, it's easy to mistake if for the real thing at first glance! But don't worry, you'll be getting plenty of double-takes as you erase your mistakes away with a tiny weenie in your hand.

If you want your gift-giving skills to be the talk of the town this eraser set is a must to keep them on their toes! A fun but functional gag gift to keep them guessing!

Includes a set of Vienna sausage shaped erasers packed into each reusable metal can. Created by Fred and Friends, our fun + functional Uncanny Cocktail Wiener Erasers are big laughs in a small package.

Fred & Friends - Uncanny Cocktail Wiener Erasers


Customer Reviews

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Stacey S.

Fantastic product

Lisette P.
Loved it

Great gift. I want to get the olives next

Christy M.
Must have for any inner child

Omg! Cutest erasers ever!!! I LOVE THEM!

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