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Unicorn Attack Garden Gnomes Massacre

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Somehow... gnome body saw it coming.

Our delightfully twisted Unicorn Attack Garden Gnome Massacre will add a smattering of shock and awe(some) to your lawn, garden, or office! A dazzling yet disturbing example that even the most majestic of creatures have their breaking point. How do you expect a unicorn to be able to put her best hoof forward every day? And how exactly do you think she got the nickname Stabby McStabberson? The horn has been a warning all along. You just chose to ignore it like the field of red flags your ex through down in front of you.

  • Unicorn Attack Garden Gnomes Massacre
  • Rainbow-maned unicorn fighting off pesky gnomes
  • A fun gift and friendly warning to nosey neighbors and annoying co-workers
  • Made of durable cast polyresin to withstand the elements
  • This cheeky lawn ornament stands 9 inches tall

Unicorns are a lot of fun but with all of the tail-tugging and mane-tangling at the hands of the Gnomes, there is only so much a mythical creature can take!

Made of poly-resin. Our Unicorn Attack Garden Gnomes Massacre is approximately 9 inches tall and is a hilarious addition to gardens, yards, and collector shelves.