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We Would Never Do This Friendship Card

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It's a "No Thanks" from us!

Before you get carried away by this picturesque scene this We Would Never Card reminds us how we would never do this. Let's keep blazing our trail through life with laughter and friendship! Other things on my anti-bucket list include volunteering at a clown convention and eliminating yoga pants from my wardrobe.

Sure, we may have our fair share of thrilling escapades, but scaling Everest-level mountains is not our forte. We'd rather tackle our day-to-day hurdles with the same gusto and enthusiasm, like conquering a buffet or navigating through a shopping mall on a sale day! We take life's challenges in stride, with laughter in our hearts and a pinch of misadventure sprinkled on top.

  • Front of card: This card made me think of us and how we would never do this.
  • Inside of card: Blank for personal message
  • Includes kraft envelope
  • Eco-friendly vegetable inks
  • Heavy matte stock
  • Made in USA

You see, we're the dynamic duo that knows how to have fun without leaping off cliffs. We create our own path... one filled with joy, laughter and epic memories that will have us chuckling in our rocking chairs decades from now.

So here's to us, celebrating the kind of camaraderie that doesn't require adrenaline charged scenes, but a knack for finding excitement in even the simplest moments. Together, we're unstoppable and full of vibrant energy, just like those two hikers in the picture, except we'll stick to well-marked trails and probably have a picnic and wine at the summit instead.

Measures 4.25 inches x 5.5 inches. Includes matching kraft envelope. Our hilarious We Would Never Card is offset printed in California with eco-friendly vegetable inks on heavyweight matte stock.