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Swear Jar Mouth Soap Fund

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A squeaky clean gift for foul-mouthed friends

Do you find yourself cursing at every inconvenience? Verbally abusing every object in sight? Then, our Swear Jar Mouth Soap Fund may be for you! (Because while your well-sharpened tongue may be one of your greatest assets, some other f*cking Pollyannas may disagree.)

  • Mouth Soap Fund Swear Jar
  • Save up for a bar of soap so you can clean up your fucking language
  • Bright red ceramic jar with a fancy AF wooden lid and stylish white text that reads "Mouth Soap Fund – Pay Your Swear Fines & Wash That Dirty Mouth"
  • Complete with an attractive gift tag attached with a high-quality leather strap.
  • We swear this fun and cheeky jar makes the perfect gift for a repeat-offender potty mouth on their birthday or at Christmas as a Secret Santa gift!

Likewise, if you drop f-bombs like it's your job, you may as well pay yourself by dropping some money in the jar. That way, you'll have some extra cash if you ever get a chance to go on another fucking vacation again with this bullshit covid virus lingering around like an ever-fucking-lasting dingleberry.

Red. Ceramic. It measures approximately 4.5 inches tall and 4.25 inches in diameter. This modern money saver is unique with a distinctive look from other swear fines money boxes, and sits perfectly in any room of the home. Our Wonderfund Mouth Soap Fund Swear Jar is fucking fantastic.