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Long Weiner Dog Sprinkler

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The perfect sprinkler doesn't exi...

Hot-dog! We have a winner weiner! Our long and slinky Wiener Dog Sprinkler is here to help you zoomie through those long hot dog days of summer!

  • Long Weiner Dog Sprinkler
  • This 13 foot Long Dog sprays upward from tip to tail!
  • Ideal for jumping over, frolicking through, and playing chasing along side of.
  • Life is short, and so are its legs so join the merrymaking and let your inner puppy shine!
  • Absolutely essential for family BBQs, birthday parties, the 4th, family reunions, and sunny Saturdays.
  • Just hook it up to a regular old garden hose and you're ready to party. Good boy.
  • A totally fetch* gift for dachshund lovers!

*You can thank Gretchen Wieners from Mean Girls for that making that slang word happen despite Regina Georges's assertions.

Includes one inflatable dog sprinkler of durable PVC construction, and 4 stakes for securing it to the ground. Inflated the sprinkler measures 163 inches long x 61 inches wide x 22 inches tall. Our slinky Long Wiener Dog Sprinkler by Big Mouth Toys is the perfect gift for when your kids are hounding you for a new splash toy!