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Sometimes you just gotta roll the dice

What to watch on Netflix? Netflix and chill nights in? Don't let it become a mindless scrollathon of never-ending indecisiveness. Our handy-dandy Dice-Flix decision maker is happy to step roll on in to settle any arguments!

  • Works well with any streaming service! Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, HBO, AppleTV and so-on.
  • Use both dice, one displaying numbers and one displaying directions, to navigate the menu and find your movie or show.
  • It's the perfect sanity saving gift! Ideal for quarantine + lockdown situations.

Can't decide what to watch? Let the dice decide for you! It's like a magic 8 ball for tv viewing! You may be fated to find a secret hidden gem, or possibly find a movie so bad you'll be talking about it for years, or somewhere in between! It's gotta be better than driving each other mad trying to decide what to watch!

Includes one set of dice. Effectiveness increases if you're able to narrow it down to a category. Time to roll with the punches, instead of throwing punches, with our Dice-Flix!

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