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Frogger Tiny Arcade

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And you thought your commute was bad.

Our World's Smallest Frogger Tiny Arcade is a throwback to when 8-bit was cutting technology and hanging out at the arcade was a typical Friday night.

If you're old enough to have played this game in the 80's - put on your readers and give it a go!

  • Fully-functional mini version of the iconic Frogger arcade cabinet game
  • Complete gameplay includes full color, hi-res screen, authentic game sounds, joystick and two control buttons in a backlit arcade style cabinet
  • Arcade hit classic in the palm of your hand or dangling off your backpack!
  • No Coins or small change is needed!

Need a refresher?

  • Move frog vertically or horizontally using joystick
  • Object is to safely maneuver frog to its home within alloted time - sixty beats of the time -
  • Cross highway without getting run over and cross river without falling in
  • Avoid traffic, deadly snakes, otters, crocodiles, and the treacherous diving turtles.
  • At the very top are 5 "bases" which you must steer your frog into one-by-one, fill each base and it's off to the next, more dangerous level.

Retro video game fanatics, 80's lovers and fans of Seinfeld The Frogger Episode will love this tiny collectible gift!

This pocket-sized Frogger console measures 3.5 inches tall x 1.75 inches deep x 1.75 inches wide. Requires 3 AAA batteries included. You'll like, totally love our World's Smallest Frogger Tiny Arcade by Super Impulse.