World's Smallest (GPK) Garbage Pail Kids

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What's grosser than gross?

Well, duh! Our World's Smallest Garbage Pail Kids. (eye roll) Born into this world as the much needed antithesis to the disgustingly cute nature of Cabbage Patch Kid dolls, Garbage Pal Kids were an instant hit in the 80's. While these punny parodies helped to restore the natural balance of the universe, they did not cause shopping riots like their Coleco counterparts. However, they did cause an outbreak of riotous laughter which continues to this day.

Own a mini pocket sized piece of your childhood! It's up to you decide which pun-loving, gross-out, micro pop figure comes home with you!

  • Adam Bomb or Blasted Billy - boy with an atom bomb detonator box, causing a nuclear mushroom cloud to burst from his head.
  • Up Chuck or Heavin Steven - diapered baby spitting-up/puking garbage and toys.
  • Tee-Vee Stevie or Geeky Gary - boy with a vintage television set a head, hypno-eyes, surrounded by TVs.

GPK’s nostalgic roots and over-the-top zaniness continues to work their way into the hearts of kids, adult collectors and pop-culture aficionados!

One mini GPK. Measures approximately 1.25 inches tall. Each detailed micro figure includes a mini collector case for display and storage and a mini sticker. The original “gross out” brand of the 80’s featuring hilariously revolting characters with outrageous names to match is now available in the world’s smallest size! Our World's Smallest Garbage Pal Kids is a great Easter gift, party favor, stocking stuffer and more! Fun for all ages. Recommended for ages 6.

Super Impulse - World's Smallest (GPK) Garbage Pail Kids

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mike d.
Yes sir!

Came quick. Not damaged either! Ordered a bunch more too!

cassie w.
Itty bitty GBKs

They're so little and awesome.

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