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Would Definitely Sh*t Here Again Lavatory Mist

by Blue Q

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A cheeky gift for your favorite afi-shit-ionado our Would Definitely Shit Here Again Lavatory Mist will alert visitors to your impressive bathroom rating, and provide them with some reading material while they take a load off! Or is it pinch a loaf off? You catch our drift.

On the backside....

Rhea W. says "I don't like to poop in unfamiliar places, but this time I REALLY had to go. Thakk goodness this bathroom had Would Definitively Shit Here Again Lavatory Mist. Smells so good... like you're leaving fresh-cut flowers or something. If you're reading this, that means you're shitting in a bathroom that has it too! Let me tell you ,this stuff has got your back. Relax!

I took away half a star because the toilet paper roll was on the wrong way. It should be over, nut under! Rookie mistake."

Afterall, 4.5 outta 5 stars isn't half bad. In fact, it's borderline intriguing.

Scented with lilac and cherry blossom. Plastic bottle. Measures 6 inches high x 1.75 inch diam. 5.3 fl. oz. Two quick mists removes odors. Over 500 applications per bottle. Made in USA. Our Would Definitely Shit Here Again Lavatory Mist by Blue Q has got your backside.