Congratulations, You Turned My Kitchen Into A Shithole Dish Towel

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Put your shit in the sink!

Dripping with sarcasm and spilled drinks our Congratulations, You Turned My Kitchen into a Shithole Dish Towel is not messing around!

There's nothing like a delightfully crass kitchen towel to greet your guests, as it proudly hangs off your oven. Maybe they'll get a clue, next time they get up to get a drink.

You invite them over for a crockpot dinner and suddenly your kitchen is a disaster. What's that? You'd don't know where the sink or trash can is? That's a crock of shit.

Spilling over with colorful tea pot, coffee pot, tea cup, coffee cup, sugar, spice, and everything messy as fuck graphics.

Each towel measures approximately 28 inches tall x 21 inches wide. Super-soft, super-absorbent. 100% unbleached cotton. I know I said I'd clean up, but this is going TOO FAR. Our delightfully irreverent Congratulations, You Turned My Kitchen into a Shithole Dish Towel l is the best sweary hostess gift.


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