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Puff Pins Cloud Pushpins
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Puff Pins Cloud Pushpins

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The forecast calls for organization with our adorable Puff Pins Cloud Pushpins!

If your desk looks like it was hit by a natural disaster caused by a tornado of homework, a hurricane of tax papers, a tsunami of shopping receipts, and a blizzard of general clutter, these pins will help you see the light of day! 

Your stormy day is about to clear up, with the gentle help of some fluffy clouds. Now you can adorably accumulate your important notes, photos, and weather reports under these cute, cumulus clouds! They will gladly gather and spread puffy cheer to your corkboard!

There's not a snow ball's chance in h-ll that your office mates will not appreciate such a fun and useful gift! Even those that seem to have a perpetual dark cloud over their heads will part ways with their perma-frown to let some sunshine into their otherwise gloomy Eeyore like existence. Weather they like it or not!  Because, honestly, who doesn't like white fluffy clouds!

Each set of 20 Puff Pins Cloud Pushpins come in a clear gift box. Each Puff Pins Cloud Pushpins are made of matte-finished PVC and has a sturdy steel pin embedded into it. Our super cute Puff Pins Cloud Pushpins are a fun gift for friends with a sunny disposition.