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Puzzle Box With 3 Brain Teasers

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We dont want to disrespect the Rubiks Cube, but theres a new set of cube puzzles in town.  And just for a one-up, the box has even been constructed into a puzzle!  So, you can't start the puzzles until you figure out how to open the box!

Once inside, try to solve our three brainteasers, the Snake Puzzle, Star Puzzle and a Soma Cube.  These wooden games are fun, thought provoking and challenging! 

See if you can put the snake cube back together after unraveling it.  Try to undo the intertwined wooden pieces in the Star puzzle or attempt to rebuild the Soma Cube once you take all of the pieces apart.  Sharpen the wits and stimulate the mind.

Puzzle Set is of very high-quality, handmade and no two are exactly alike!

Measures 7.25 inches long x 3.5 inches wide x 3.25 inches deep. Wood.