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R/C Whoopee Cushion

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At last...! It's the world's finest invention ever! A Radio Controlled Whoopee Cushion that works from up to 50 feet away!

Start an embarrassing game of who dunnit at work, school or home.   Just be glad you don't work at Perpetual Kid!   Ever been on a call with our customer service department and thought you hear a ripe Pfffffft! through the line?   Yep, that's us planting one in the customer service department to embarrass our reps on the phone!  

We even have one hidden in a bathroom - unsuspecting victims are berated with a festive array of sounds and leave the bathroom completely embarrassed that passers-by would think it was them!

Requires one 12V battery for the remote (included) and 4 AAA batteries for the receiver (not included.)