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Rainbow + Rainy Day Clouds Bookmarks


Our Novel Idea Rainbow + Rainy Day Clouds Bookmarks by Fred are literally, figuratively, and hyperbole too cute for words!

These awesomely designed bookmarks will remind you there's always a perfect opportunity to catch up on your reading! Maybe you like to curl up with your favorite book on rainy stormy days. Possibly you prefer taking your current read to the park while resting under the shade of the tree or even the dozing off while reading at the beach or poolside on a bright sunny day.  Choose either a white fluffy cloud with a rainbow or a grey rain cloud book mark to save your place!

A fun stocking stuffer idea or just-because gift for your favorite book nerd or sky watcher. An adorable reminder that, every cloud has a silver lining, and even after the biggest of storms can produce the most vibrant of rainbows! 

Set of two cleverly designed bookmarks. Made of silicone + printed fabric ribbons. One bookmark features a fluffy white cloud with a rainbow ribbon. The other bookmark features a grey storm cloud with with a blue rain ribbon. Our Novel Idea Rainbow + Rainy Day Clouds Bookmarks are designed by Fred and new for Fall 2018.

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