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Recycle Bin Coffee Mug


reduce, re-use, recycle (and refill!)

Can you believe it? It's just what you've bin looking for! A coffee mug that looks just like a curbside recycling trash can!

Our totally salvage Recycle Bin Coffee Mug is perfect if you're into saving the environment, dumpster diving, or simply recycling jokes.

  • Looks like a 48 gallon recycle bin, holds 12-ounce of liquid
  • Don't waste the opportunity to gift this to your fav environmental warrior!
  • Doubles as a kitschy desktop pencil holder
  • Made of durable ceramic

Ceramic. Blue. Mug shaped as a wheely recycle bin. Measures approximately 5 inches tall x 4 inches wide. Recommend hand-wash only. Do not microwave. Our Recycle Bin Coffee Mug is an excellent gift for coffee lovers and recycling buffs.

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