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Retro Candy Cigarettes

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Wow, these Retro Candy Cigarettes really take us back.  Riding down the street on our Big Wheel with a candy cigarette hanging out of our mouth!  Ah, life was so simple back then.  Wait.. a kid with a candy cigarette hanging out of their mouth!  What were our parents thinking???  Well now that we are our parents age, we know right from wrong and consequences.  We are all about sending the no smoking message, but these sweet little sticks of sugar are just awesome! 

So, you are getting a whole box (carton) of 24 packs of Retro Candy Cigarettes to hand out to your friends ah, so you can all look cool.  No smell, no coughing, no wheezing, and no second hand smoke, just sugary goodness! 

Great for coffee stirring sweetening!     

Contains 24 packs. Each pack has 10 Retro Candy Cigarettes.