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Retro Mobile Phone Notepad

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Remember when phones were as big as a notebook?  Heres a little reminder:   Riiiiiinngg..... Riiiiinngg....   Incoming call from one of the most technological notebooks of all time, our Retro Mobile Phone Notepad!  It provides all of the functions of a notepad and none of the functions of a cell phone!

The buttons on the cell phone are raised to make you feel like you are actually holding a high-tech, 1990s cell phone!  Antenna not included!  Mom, can you record 90210 on the VCR tonight... but be sure to take the VHS tape labelled 'My Fav Videos' out and put in a new tape please... and yes, I'll pick up some Pepsi Clear on my way home.
Measures 4.5 inches long x 3 inches wide x .25 inch deep.  60 pages.