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Retro Rocks & Minerals Collection


Blast from the past!

Encourage your budding geologist with our Rocks & Minerals Collection of   20 common rocks and minerals from around the USA!  
Is it a Mineral or a Rock?   To the casual observer, a rock and mineral appear to be very much alike... you know... like the Olsen Twins.   However, to a geologist, a rock is something much different from a mineral!   A mineral is a combination of two or more elements.   A rock is   a combination of 2 ore more minerals!
If you think this collection looks like it came straight out of the 70's with it's retro, and unadvanced packaging... you'd be right.   Let today's kids experience the exact same Rock and Mineral Collection your parents bought for you at a truck stop during a summer family vacation.
More facts and information about the each are printed on the back of the card.   Learning is just so much fun : )
Made in the USA!   Comes on a 4 inch wide x 6 inch long card. Perfect size for a stocking stuffer!

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