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Retro Slip 'N Slide

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It was a hot summer day, there was nothing to do and no pool in the neighborhood.  How were you supposed to cool off and have fun?  With our Slip N Slide of course!  Want to let your kids relive the super summer fun from your childhood?  Spread the water slide out on the lawn, hook it up to the garden hose and get ready to show them the time of their life!  

They'll glide on a film cushion of water as they go down this vintage inspired slide!  They'll scoot like seals down the slippery slide!  Adults: You can watch the kids knowing that you won't feel sore and regretful in the morning!

Measures 16 feet long.  For ages 5-12.  Includes a water slide, 2 anchors and 2 repair patches.  Official Wham-O!  Wham-It!  Is a registered call out of Wham-O.