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Retro T.V. Dinner Magnet



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Winner winner, chicken dinner

Our mouth-watering Retro T.V. Dinner Magnet is an homage to a time when you could stick a 4-course meal into your oven or microwave and then eat while enjoying classic television shows. This chicken dinner with sides and dessert was a favorite in many households. Stick this magnet on any metal surface to remember good times!

Of course, there are sometimes flaws with awesomeness. Your food could be scalding hot in one area of the plate and still frozen in another. But we all took our lumps and ate it anyway because it was delicious.

  • 2 x 3 inch magnet
  • High resolution print
  • Makes your mouth water
  • Rekindle memories of yesteryear

Magnet measures 2 inches x 3 inches. Great decoration for the fridge. Retro T.V. Dinner Magnet can hold a piece of paper, but is best when admired alone for good looks.

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