Retro Toys

Long before everyone had their heads buried in their phone and tablets there was a time when actual toys ruled!  Enjoy our fun and unique collection of retro inspired toys, sure to wide the eyes of your inner child!  Fun gift ideas for family members young and old!

Turtely Awesome Turtle Poop


What the shell! We've gone and dung it again! You can now buy the unthinkable, the fossilized feces of your dreams... our Turtley Awesome Turtle Poop! Formally know as Coprolite, this prehistoric poop made it out of the turtling poop stage millions of...

I Had One Of Those! Flashback Bendy Pencil


Mind bending flashback to ​1984 When you're tongue tied and twisted, our super silly "I Had One Of Those! Bendy Pencil" is just the writing implement you need!  They can bend and twist into almost any shape!  You can even tie them in a knot...

Flash + Fly Helicopter


A great toys for kids and husbands! Because there is nothing more entertaining than shooting flashing things into the air and watching them come back down. Seriously. What could be better? Turn on our Fly and Flash Helicopter and sling shot it into the...

Pocket Science Pet Tornado


Great gift for the storm chaser in your life! Messy office?  Great! So now when your snarky office mate asks if your desk was hit by a tornado, you can say in fact yes, and proudly introduce them to your Pet Tornado.   Give the jar a swirl...

Retro Rocks & Minerals Collection


Blast from the past!   Encourage your budding geologist with our Rocks & Minerals Collection of   20 common rocks and minerals from around the USA!     Is it a Mineral or a Rock?   To the casual observer, a rock and...

T.V. Rock


Tune in to the Ulexite! Plop our awesome TV Rock on any printed surface and it demonstrates a cool fiber-optic effect - it projects images to the surface of this naturally occurring mineral.   This unusual effect is the result of your rock's...

Buff Baby Dumbbell Rattle


Babies can learn to count while doing reps! Our Buff Baby Dumbbell Rattle turns junior into a bench-pressin' body-builder!  Never be embarrassed by "baby fat" again!  Seriously folks... don't read into that statement (or send us hate mail) -...

Crystal Growing Volcano


A fractal eruption! Exploding soon on a desk near you... a fractal eruption from our Crystal Growing Volcano! All of the beauty of an erupting volcano, with none of the hot ash or running for your life! Our kit includes a paper volcano form, a tray,...

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