Retro Toys

Long before everyone had their heads buried in their phone and tablets there was a time when actual toys ruled!  Enjoy our fun and unique collection of retro inspired toys, sure to wide the eyes of your inner child!  Fun gift ideas for family members young and old!

Tornado Ball


A fun gift for kids and adults! WARNING: Our light-up Tornado Ball is known to go berserk! And my berserk, we mean it is almost as out of control and unpredictable as a kid after they've poured several Pixie sticks down their throat. But the name wasn't...

Buff Baby Dumbbell Rattle


Babies can learn to count while doing reps! Our Buff Baby Dumbbell Rattle turns junior into a bench-pressin' body-builder!  Never be embarrassed by "baby fat" again!  Seriously folks... don't read into that statement (or send us hate mail) -...

Turtely Awesome Turtle Poop


What the shell! We've gone and dung it again! You can now buy the unthinkable, the fossilized feces of your dreams... our Turtley Awesome Turtle Poop! Formally know as Coprolite, this prehistoric poop made it out of the turtling poop stage millions of...

The Finest Quality Farts In A Jar


Our o(dor)-so-terrific Farts in a Jar is precisely for when a silent but deadly, just won't doo(doo). Don't stink it up this Father's Day by offering Dad another tie or pack of golf balls as a gift. Release a scud missile or shoot an air biscuit straight...

Magnetite Lodestone Magnetic Rock


Naturally magnetic We're positive that budding geologists and rock enthusiasts alike will be instantly attracted to our Magnetite Lodestone! This rare mineral is naturally - you guessed it - magnetic.  Used in early navigation and thought to...

Extraterrestrial Impact Stone


Phone home, your mom is looking for you... Whoa!  Rocks made from meteors smashing into Earth!  The only thing cooler than that is having some.  We make it easy and fun with Tektite The Extraterrestrial Impact Stone! It's the perfect...

Of Quartz It's A Whole Uncut Geode


Phenomenal crystalline interior Our seemingly unremarkable Of Quartz It's A Whole Uncut Geode looks like a mild-mannered rock from the Daily Planet... however, secretly hiding inside is an amazing cavern of crystals! Pretty much the embodiment of the...

Astronaut Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich


Out Of This World! Our Astronaut Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich takes the ice cream you know and love, and with the power of freeze-drying to create a yummy retro treat! Since the early NASA Mercury Missions, space food has gone global! Today, Astronaut...

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