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Reward Points FAQ

How do I join Rewards?
Customers with store accounts are automatically enrolled.  Be sure to create a store account during checkout on your next visit or purchase.  You can also click the rewards banner at the bottom of any page to register without placing an order.

Create a Store Account
Get a whopping 150 points as a welcome bonus because you are awesome!  We just love you that much!

Make a Purchase
Get 3 points for every $1 you spend.  Really, do the math... that's 30 points for every $10! (excluding any shipping fees, taxes, discounts & store credits)

Refer a Friend
Get 50 points for every new referral that successfully completes a first-time purchase.  Click your Rewards widget, under Account you'll see a Refer a Friend and Get a Reward button.  Click the button and get a link to post via social media or email.  Your friends will receive a 10% OFF coupon and you'll receive 50 points.  Note: friends must purchase using their special discount code for you to receive a reward.

How do I check my balance and redeem rewards?
Log in to your store account and go to the Redeem Rewards (accessed through the Rewards Widget at the bottom of the store) Page.  Reward points will be added to your balance once your order has passed our 30 day return period.

How do I use my rewards?
Rewards are issued as coupon codes or store credits that can be applied on the payment page during checkout (only one coupon code per order).

Can I trade a redeemed code in for points?
Sorry, but we are unable turn your codes back into points.


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