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Rubber Chicken Men's Socks


Socks For The Comedian In Your Life

Your feet will immediately begin to feel funny wearing our Rubber Chicken Socks! 

Socks are the ultimate way to add your wacky personality to your wardrobe, so why not use the world's most random punchline to punctuate your outfit?

We all can agree that rubber chickens are silly, but no one is exactly sure why they are so darn funny. Regardless, they are indisputably gut-busters. These brightly colored socks turn your feet into indicators of fun! 

A prop-er gift for anyone that fancies themselves to be a comedian enjoys cracking themselves up, or simply enjoys being an odd bird. It's also a great gift for your favorite maker of “dad jokes.” 

Brilliantly Funny Blue. Soft combed cotton blend. Fits men’s shoe size 7-12. Our Rubber Chicken Socks will leave them choking in laughter.

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