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Running Late Is My Cardio Socks



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Late For Work Again Socks

How do they know us so well! Our Running Late Is My Cardio Socks captures our fitness routine to a tee! No truer words have been sewn before.

I know we're selling cool socks here, but bear with me a couple steps... So I got one of those step counters you wear on your wrist. I thought it would get me up and going. Nope. But it thinks I'm doing cardio just about anytime i'm away from my desk. At least now I have a full count of all the steps I take running out the door muttering curses about being late again!

If you're anything like me or need a gift for a friend like me (Hint - I love these and will gladly take another pair if you need someone to buy them for ;)  fun, and functional solution! It's a clever way to poke fun at a friend who's habitually late!

One pair of colorfully printed socks. Black, Red, and Yellow featuring a runner and a heart rate imagery.  Cotton, nylon, spandex. Women's shoe size 5-10. Our Running Late Is My Cardio Socks will keep you on the fast track.

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