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Say No To Salad Oven Mitt


When a hog dog talks, you better listen...

Why is our Say No To Salad Oven Mitt so brilliant? Because you should never be served a salad without specifically asking for one! After a long day at the office, kids screaming, jeans not fitting... the last thing you want in this state of mind is a f*cking salad!

  • Please don't pass the salad dressing, I better not need it!
  • Salads are for cows grazing in a field.
  • Talking hamburgers and hot dogs are pretty unnerving 

Screen-printed in rich colors. Super-insulated. 100% cotton. Mitten measures approximately 12.5 inches long x 7.5 inches wide. Our Say No To Salad Oven Mitt is meaty gift for your favorite processed meat eater!

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