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Scented Glitter Hairbrush

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Maybe you're like us and thought Marcia Brady was a little cray cray for brushing her gorgeous locks 100 times a day.  You'll notice we said thought... as we may have broken that record recently with our highly addictive Sweet Locks Scented Glitter Hairbrushes!  The smell of the refreshing paddle brush is sure to satisfy any sweet cravings and the glitter paddle is an awesome way to brighten your day!

Choose from 4 watering flavors, or collect them all!
  • Cheeky Cherrylime - cherry red to lime green
  • Wicked Watermelon - watermelon pink to melon green
  • Goody Goody Grape Drop - grapey purple to icy blue
  • Strawberry Sweetcake - strawberry pink to yummy cake yellow
You wont even mind combing out those tangles because this sweet smellin brush makes any rats nest fun to brush!  The sweet smell releases with each stroke and will leave your hair lightly scented but without leaving any residue or damaging your scalp.  Its sparkly, colorful and will make you want to brush your hair over and over again!

This is the perfect gift for girls who (used to) hate brushing their hair!  Singing into your hairbrush never sounded smelled so good before! 

Measures 9.75 inches long x 3 inches wide.  Plastic.