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Scented Pancake Necklace

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Stacked with awesomeness and a palatable air of nostalgia, our freshly made Scented Pancake Necklace smells like it's hot off the griddle!

Whether your trip down memory lane leads you to Sunday morning breakfasts at your grandparent's house, late nights at IHOP/Denny's after a show at the club or simply the breakfast you managed to skip this morning.  Chances are you'll find this adorable necklace deliciously satisfying!

No attention to detail has been spared in building this miniature stack of flapjacks!  Complete with a sweetheart serving of just-melted butter and lashings of maple syrup trickling down the sides.  So realistic, you may be accused of swiping the breakfast off the table of The Littles!

Warning: May induce feelings of pancaketopia!

Handmade with love in USA!  Sterling silver ball chain measures 18 inches long.  The charm is handmade from polymer clay, gloss and unicorn dreams, and measures .5 inch tall x .75 inch in diameter.  Smells like sweet maple syrup, butter and hotcakes!