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Scorpion Sucker

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We remember the first time we ate our crispy Scorpion Sucker.  That day we were feeling extra exotic and adventurous.  We take pride in the fact that well try anything and scorpions are on that list! 

Once we got to the middle, we chewed that scorpion up like our job was on the line... and it kind of was.  Were not going to tell you what it tasted like or how it felt since we dont want to ruin the surprise but youll feel like youre on Fear Factor once you get this predatory arthropod in your mouth. 

We just kept thinking, "Maybe this is what Chuck Norris eats for dessert?" and kept chewing.  We can now tell everyone that we've eaten a real scorpion... the pinchers, tail and stinger!

Great for bets or friends that will try anything!

Lollipop measures 2 inches long x 1.25 inches wide x .5 inches thick.  Assorted fruity flavors.  One.


Gift Ideas

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