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Gigantic Shark Bite Beach Blanket


duunnn dunnn... duuuunnnn duun... It's our Gigantic Shark Bite Beach Blanket! AHHH! And just when you thought it was safe to get out of the water! Designed to look like a giant great white shark jumping out of the water to chomp you whole! The Jaws...

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Giant Man-Eating Shark Pool Float


Our jaws-dropping Giant Man-Eating Shark Pool Float is a killer sight gag for sun worshipers or shark fin-atics! As you terrorize a frenzy of unsuspecting beach or pool goers in your shark attack float, it also doubles as a place to keep out of the sun!...

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Land Shark Floor Slide
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Land Shark Floor Slide

$9.99 $4.99

Shark lovers will get a real kick out of our Land Shark Floor Slide! Forget the floor is hot lava game! This clever little doodad will slide and glide over any floor, making it look like there is a real shark swimming through the house! It...

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Shark Bite Me Coffee Mug


Would you lurky there... out of the blue our Shark Bite Me Coffee Mug will happily reveal your true feelings! This shark shaped mug features a graphic on its under belly - just tip it back to make your point! It's a fintastic gift for shark lovers, or...

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Lemon Shark Juicer


Dont be alarmed.  This is not an actual Lemon Shark... its our harmless and helpful Lemon Shark Juicer!  I guess you could put it in the ocean but you would be better off using it to get the juice out of your lemons!  Unlike the real Lemon...

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