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Shark! Stuff

Shark Bite Me Coffee Mug


Would you lurky there... out of the blue our Shark Bite Me Coffee Mug will happily reveal your true feelings! This shark shaped mug features a graphic on its under belly - just tip it back to make your point! It's a fintastic gift for shark lovers, or...

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3-in-1 Shark Kitchen Tool


Time to chummy up with our 3-in-1 Shark Kitchen Tool! Our fav killer gadget is fresh to depth! At surface level, he may seem just like your run-of-the-mill man eating great white shark hunting about your kitchen looking for table scraps. But,...

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Shark Jaws Ice Cube Mold


Open up and say AGGHHHH! It's our Shark Jaws Ice Cube Mold! A must for any Shark Week party, simply place the large ice cube at the bottom of the glass and with every sip you will come face to face with an angry set of jaws! Your Bloody Mary will never...

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Munchtime Shark Chopstick


Are you ready for Shark Week? Our Fred and Friends Munchtime Shark Chopsticks are just chomping at the bit, and they're ready to make every mealtime bloody jawesome! Well lurky here.. These chomping chopsticks feature ferocious biting action! So...

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Sharks Tooth Folding Comb


Unsnaggle your tangles with our Sharks Tooth Folding Comb! Your mini-me will have a chomping good time brushing and playing with this hair-raising comb! No longer will they doom the groom! Designed to keep you looking sharp, open it up to reveal its...

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