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Beep, boop, bahm, bahm, beep, boop, boop.

First introduced at Studio 54 in 1978, Simon instantly became a must-have item for children and adults alike for decades.  Who can't recall riveting, anxiety-enducing matches, held against your friends or siblings, while hanging out in your blanket fort? 

The hypnotic sound sequences and flashing green, red, blue, and yellow lights bring back a flood of good memories.  Simon is designed with thousands of random sequences to test your memory. 

This new version contains a digital screen, with a counter to guide you through the game.  It still features the three original games: Simon says, Player Adds, and Choose Your Color.

Measures 9 inches in diameter x 1 inch tall.  3AA/LRG batteries included.  3 ways to play, with both 1 & 2 player modes!