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Sloth Socks

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Attention sloth aficionados! Our Sloth Socks are the ideal socks for taking it easy. Seriously, get a grip all ready! When you wear these socks, it looks like a tiny sloth is clinging to your ankle.

So if life seems to be going by too fast, all you’ll have to do is look down at your feet for a quick reminder to take it slow. Reeeealllllly slllloooowwww.

They're the perfect pair to wear on Sundays, when movement is optional. They're also a cute gift to let someone know that you enjoying hanging out with the, in fact, you love them a sloth. Now, let's go get slothed!

One pair of sky blue men's dress socks. Fit men’s shoe size 7-12. Made of a soft combed cotton blend. Features one huggy sloth guy on each foot! Sock lovers, get your kicks with our Sloth Socks!

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