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HEY YOU GUYS! Oh, hey... so you like sloths too, huh? Chances are you love our toe-tally slothsome selection of sloth-themed gifts. These uniquely slow moving fellas are gifted in the art of energy conservation, some may think they're lazy, and that's okay too. Whatever man. Just never upset a 2-toe sloth, or things could get ugly. Three-toe is your bro, 2-toe oh, hell no.

Slow Brew Sloth Tea Infuser


Relax With Your Sunday None-Day Spirit AnimalWhen you want to take life slow and hang out with a cup of tea, our Slow Brew Sloth Tea Infuser is happy to be there for you!  Time to smell the roses.   You deserve to take a break from your frantic...

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Ouch! Famalam Llama + Sloth Bandages


Ditch the boring beige and reach for our ab-fab Ouch! Famalam Llama + Sloth Bandages! This comforting tin of bandages features our furry pals Lola the Llama and Lofty the Sloth.  Lofty and Lola to the rescue! This calm, cool, and collected BFF...

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Sloth Socks


Attention sloth aficionados! Our Sloth Socks are the ideal socks for taking it easy. Seriously, get a grip all ready! When you wear these socks, it looks like a tiny sloth is clinging to your ankle. So if life seems to be going by too fast, all...

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