HEY YOU GUYS! Oh, hey... so you like sloths too, huh? Chances are you love our toe-tally slothsome selection of sloth-themed gifts. These uniquely slow moving fellas are gifted in the art of energy conservation, some may think they're lazy, and that's okay too. Whatever man. Just never upset a 2-toe sloth, or things could get ugly. Three-toe is your bro, 2-toe oh, hell no.

Sloth Socks


Attention sloth aficionados! Our Sloth Socks are the ideal socks for taking it easy. Seriously, get a grip all ready! When you wear these socks, it looks like a tiny sloth is clinging to your ankle. So if life seems to be going by too fast, all...

I'm So High. It's Awesome. Sloth Gum


Feeling all philo-sloth-ical and stuff Good times are a plenty with our I'm So High. It's Awesome. Sloth Gum.  Embrace the lazy but amazy attitude of everyone's favorite slow roller. Word on the street is that you're looking to score some peppermint...

Slow Brew Two For Tea Mug + Sloth Tea Infuser Gift Set


Sloths really know how to embrace life in the slow lane. Follow their lead, kick back, and take a long, slow sip of perfectly brewed tea. Our cozy Two For Tea Mug & Sloth Tea Infuser Gift Set is the perfect companion for when you're feeling...

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