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Smelly Stuff

What is that wonderful smell?  Oh, it's just Perpetual Kid and our Fun Smelly Stuff!

Cotton Candy Scented Unicorn Air Freshener

$4.99 $4.39

Instantly make your commute magical with our Cotton Candy Scented Unicorn Air Freshener! Before your very own eyes, your car will turn into a mobile fantasy land populated with unicorns! A sweet treat for your eyes as well as your nose! For just like a...

Cone Kitty Air Freshener

$4.99 $4.39

It's for your own good, Whisker, I promise. This pathetically miserable kitty in a cone will make your commute more bearable. This poor suffering kitteh will fill your automobile with Pot-PURR-i scent and laughs.   Hang it from your rearview mirror...

Would Definitely Sh*t Here Again Lavatory Mist


A cheeky gift for your favorite afi-shit-ionado our Would Definitely Shit Here Again Lavatory Mist will alert visitors to your impressive bathroom rating, and provide them with some reading material while they take a load off! Or is it pinch a loaf off?...

Pickle Air Freshener


Serious pickle lovers will relish the scent of our Pickle Air Freshener! We've always wanted to have a green car so we could call it Pickle. Obviously, so we could say that we're in a pickle and running late. And, we love pickles. Maybe you simply feel...

Illuminati Air Freshener


Come on. Really? Don't blame a conspiracy... it's your fault your car is so stinky! The Illuminati is the secret organization that is rumored to control the world. So it only makes sense that you'd let them control the odor in your car. Don't you want...

Vladimir Pootin Lavatory Mist


Russion Collusion To Cover Up For Your Poop No matter how strenuous the investigation is against you taking a poop in public, with our Vladimir Pootin Lavatory Mist your sh*t will come out smelling like flowers - jasmine to be exact! Why? Because a...

Bacon Scented Candle


Oh, hello bacon!   Welcome to my living room and my bedroom and my bathroom and my hallway!   I'm so glad you could escape the confinement of the kitchen and delight the rest of my house with your savory, gratifying smell!     Our...

Pocket Sized Pink Citron Poo-Pourri


Pretty in Pink smells so good! Satisfy your sweet tooth with a spritz of Pink Citron Poo-Pourri so you can leave a little sparkle wherever you GO! The blend of Strawberry, Rock Candy and Citron natural essential oils eliminate odor before it even begins...

Squirrel In Underpants Air Freshener


It might seem weird at first, but if you think about it, squirrels in underpants were inevitable. Those little streakers have been running naked through trees for too long! This mildly insane air freshener, which thankfully smells better than a squirrel...

Beer Scented Candle

$11.99 $10.55

Beer has always been there for you...  It was there when you graduated, every night after a hard day of work, kicking back with your friends and even when your team was winning or losing!  Beer never judged you and gave you unconditional love...

Fast Food Scented Candle

$11.99 $10.55

If we didn't have to worry about our blood getting sluggish from the grease we'd totally eat fast food french fries for breakfast, lunch and dinner!   Instead we'll just sit here smelling this grease scented goodness.   Ketchup, mayo, Pete's...

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