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Soap For Cat People



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Smells Like Purring

Our a-meow-zing Soap for Cat People is a fun and purr-fect gift for the person in your life that loves cats! It's scented like warm milk which no cat or cat lover can resist. Having more than three cats isn't crazy. They may leave toys and hairballs all over the floor but at least they don't leave the toilet seat up... most days.

  • Warm Milk scented
  • 6oz quality ingredients
  • Hairball much?
  • Handmade in USA

This USA-made soap is wrapped in a printed sleeve that's sure to make everyone smile and it's made with all the best ingredients for a high-quality product that smells great in the bath or shower. Because this all soaps are handmade, no two bars are identical.

  • Front of label reads: Smells like purring and a fresh hairball under your foot
  • Back of label reads: My cat has an Instagram. Lint rollers in the car. Dog people suck.

Each bar of Soap for Cat People is 6oz of Warm Milk scented soap that is handmade in the USA.

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