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Soapy Dough

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You're filthy!

Kids spend all day diligently striving to get as stinky and filthy as possible. Now in a surprising turn of events, thanks to our super sudsy Soapy Dough, you may just find your kids begging to come clean!

This amazing new compound is shapeable, moldable, and formable with tools or by hand. When taken into the bath, it converts into a frothy, bubbly soap inviting lots of fun!

You can also leave it on the sink to trick your kids into cleaning their hands for the appropriate amount of time, as they twist, squeeze, and mold it into crazy shapes! They can use the included animal extruders to squeeze out some extra fun! Or simply immerse the soap into the tub and rub between your hands to create soapy bubbles!

Soapy Dough is scented too! Blue color is blueberry and comes with the Fish Extruder, while Green color is Lemon Citrus and comes with the Turtle Extruder.

A cool gift kids, adults, or anyone interested in some squeaky clean fun!

Soapy Dough comes in a 3 oz. container that will yield 25-30 bath times of fun!  Includes one, of two assorted styles.  We will choose for you! 

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