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Solar System Marble Game


Our marble-us Solar System Marble Game is simply too impressive to stash away until next time you play! Which is why this solar system themed marble set comes with 10 display rings so you can proudly showcase the sun and planet marbles on your desk or table!

This intergalactic set features our sun, eight planets, and our favorite dwarf planet that share's its name with Mickey's dog:

  • The Sun - Boulder
  • Mercury - Shooter
  • Venus - Shooter
  • Earth - Shooter
  • Mars - Shooter
  • Jupiter - Shooter
  • Saturn - Shooter
  • Uranus - Shooter
  • Neptune - Shooter
  • Pluto - Shooter

And if you have trouble remembering the order the planets, you can fall back on your ole favorite or adopt a new mnemonic phrase below!:

  • My Very Educated Mother Just Showed Us Nine Planets
  • My Very Excellent Mother Just Served Us Nine Pickle
  • My Very Early Morning Jam Sandwich Usually Nauseates People
  • My Very Educated Mother Just Said Uh-oh No Pluto

This marble set, alone, makes us want to start our own marble collection! If you're feeling so inspired, check out our other mega awesome, mega marbles! Meteor Marble Game, Stardust Marble Game, and no set would be complete without our legendary Unicorn Marble Game! An out of this world gift or stocking stuffer!

Includes 10 premium glass marbles representing our solar system. One boulder sun measures 35mm in diameter, nine shooter planets measuring 25mm in diameter each. This set also comes with 10 display rings so they can be admired outside of game time. The Solar System Marble Game is a stellar gift or stocking stuffer!

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