• Solar System String Lights
  • Solar System String Lights

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Solar System String Lights

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Discover the solar system with our totally cosmic Solar System String Lights! 

A fun gift for kids to enjoy getting to know each planet, how they look, and in what order they sit from the sun! Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.

These portable battery operated string lights feature realistic planetary colors can be displayed beautifully anywhere in your home! They make a stellar night light for kids rooms or for to add a touch of science and existentialism to your office!

Nine acrylic planets and one center of the universe (aka sun - not your ex) lit by 10 LEDs. Approximately 8 inches between each planet and 8 inches from the battery pack to the first planet. Battery operated; require 2 x AA batteries. The total length of clear cord is 6.5 feet long. 

Acrylic. Celestial body sizes vary: Sun: 3.5 inches in diameter, Mercury: 1.8 inches in diameter, Venue: 2 inches in diameter, Earth: 2 inches in diameter, Mars: 1.6 inches in diameter, Jupiter: 3 inches in diameter, Saturn: 3 inches in diameter (7.5 inches wide with rings), Uranus: 2.36 inches in diameter, Neptune: 2.36 inches in diameter, Pluto: 1.4 inches diameter x .4 inches in depth. Made for lovers of the outdoors, our Solar System String Lights are for indoor use only!


Gift Ideas

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