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Sonic Beer Foamer

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Using fancy shmancy ultrasonic vibrations, our Sonic Foamer excites the gases in your beer for an amazingly creamy head!

Need some more 'splaining before you ditch drinking straight from the bottle?  How about, you're missing out on full potential of your beer, duh!  Still not good enough?  Well, excuse us while we drop some science...
  • More than 75% of what we taste comes from our sense of smell!
The foam head not only adds texture, but it greedily holds onto its flavors.  When the bubbles pop, the aroma is released!

In order to get the ultimate flavor out of your favorite craft beer you need to maximize its aroma!   This means the head is the key because the scent of a beer is given off as the bubbles in the head pop. In a normal poured beer, once the head is gone, you lose most of the all-important aroma.

With our Sonic Foamer you can actively manage your beer head throughout the entire beer!  Activate it. Revive it. Do it again!

Requires 6 AA batteries not included.