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Space Invader Air Planter


It's an Unidentified Flowering Object!

Our unbelievably fun Space Invader Air Planter is invading your home and adding a cosmic boost to your mood! This lightweight-yet- sturdy borosilicate glass vessel is the ideal place to put an air plant, mini-succulent, or an Unidentified Flowering Object!

The silver-hulled ship features a 2 inch hole to insert your favorite plant or object.

Hang a UFO in your space with our Space Invader Air Planter! A fun gift for fans of the X-Files and Ancient Aliens on the History Channel, because... well, Aliens.

Includes one plant holder. Plant not included. Holder measures approximately 4.5 inches tall and 5.5 inches wide and comes with shiny silver hanging cord. Our Space Invader Air Planter was Designed by Fred Studio.

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