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Spicy Chili Pepper Lollipop


Are you a sucker for spicy food? 

Lovers of spicy food will just eat up our handmade Spicy Chili Pepper Lollipops! Each one of these chili-pepper-shaped hard candy pops is infused with real chili pepper bits, and pack a heat that can't be beat!

  • Green (mild habanero)
  • Orange (medium chili)
  • Red (hot habanero)

Individually wrapped,and positioned on a classic wooden ball stick, they're a fun gourmet pop to gift to give your pal who's taste buds have a real zest for life!

Each lollipop is hand-poured; slight variations will occur. Please use caution while eating these lollipops; they are extremely spicy!

Includes one chile pepper lollipop, in your choice of flavors: Mild Habanero, Medium Chili, or Hot Habanero.  Allergens: Soy. Each lollipop weighs 1oz Made fresh to order in the USA!

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