Spicy Pepper Suckers

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Do you love the burn of spicy food, feel satisfaction as your face turns red and sweat starts pouring down and enjoy the feeling of molten lava on your tongue?  Then youll love our hotter than hot Spicy Pepper Suckers! 

Appreciate the pain as you indulge in one of these fiery lollipops and youll want another afterwards!  Ahhh... that sweet and spicy taste, can't eat just one!

Pick your threshold level:
  • Red Chili (cinnamon lollipop with a dried, medium/hot chili inside)
  • Jalepe??o (hot but wont kill ya)
  • Haba??ero (this one will make you sweat!)
Measure 2.25 inches long x 1 inch wide. 


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