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Spit Balls and more Great Gift Ideas at Perpetual Kid. Do you think that you're a spit ball master? Well, stop being arrogant because you're probably wrong.

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Do you think that you're a spit ball master? Well, stop being arrogant because you're probably wrong.  Unless you have our expanding Spit Balls, you've been one step behind the true champions. Our Spit Balls can be thrown, bounced and rolled! They also slip, slide and explode! Put them in water and they will expand to 200 times their original size. The Spit Balls are slimy and so much fun to launch!

Our Spit Balls are perfect for science experiments, revenge on coworkers, keeping yourself occupied at work, self defense, target practice, building self confidence, and a great game of Spit Ball tag (we tried this game here, and we can tell you for a fact that it is awesome!).

Includes 50 non-toxic and reusable balls! Once they sit out of water they will go back to their original size!

Spit Balls are made in the USA!

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