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Squirrel in Underpants Mints



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Fresh this Fall our Squirrel in Underpants Mints will inspire you to cloth all of the tiny streakers in your neighborhood!

If only you could afford to buy enough undies for all of the adorable mini gymnastic bird feeder raiders in your hood... While they may not be immediately in reach, the least you can do is to show you support the cause by carrying these mints around with you at all times. It's the decent thing to do! Heck, you might as well grab a few for your squirrel streaker fearing friends too! 

Now, we’re not saying our Squirrel in Underpants Mints make any sense at all, but they are hilarious. Just know for sure, that when you offer someone a mint from this tin, they’re going to know that you’re someone to watch carefully. Very carefully. But don't let that stop you. Give the gift of common decency and humor.

WARNING: Back of package features *gasp* a naked squirrel.

Contains .85 oz. of slightly squirrelly, yet tasty mints. Each fun, reusable, squirrel tin measures approximately 3.2 inches long x 1.5 inches wide x .5 inch deep. INGREDIENTS: Dextrose, Maltodextrin, Magnesium Stearate, Cool Mint Flavor. A must for all squirrel lovers, our Squirrel in Underpants Mints are nuts free!

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