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Squirrel Usb Hub

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Squirrels can be pests, but our Squirrel USB Hub is a cute one!   He'll quietly sit at your desk, connect to your computer and power up to 3 devices at a time.

He can even travel with you and provide 3 extra USB ports for your laptop. You don't even have to feed him!   The only thing he'll be hungry for is power. Don't worry, not the word domination kind. As long as you leave him connected he'll be tethered to your computer at all times and any plans of ruling the world will be nixed.

This critter comes with a 6 inch long USB cord and is compatible with USB1.1 as well as 2.0. It supports data transfer rates at 1.1/12/480MBps and provides three 500mA USB ports.

Please note: He will NOT break in into your bird feeder and eat all the birdseed!