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Star Wars Giant Chewbacca

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We'll set the scene.. its 1980.  The Empire Strikes Back just came out and you have already seen it 4 times and you are going again for your 8th birthday.  When you play with the neighborhood kids, you are always Han Solo.  Your brother thinks he's the lucky one because he's always Luke.  You know different.  You have Chewbacca. 

Fast forward to today.  Can you imagine the envy of your friends and family to have our giant 24 inch talking plush Chewbacca sitting as the co-pilot of your Millennium Falcon (mini van)? 

Had a rough day?  Tell Chewie.  He'll even talk back with his signature growl if you push on his belly. 

Perfect for any Star Wars fan!

Measures 24 inches tall x 15 inches wide.  100% huggable.