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Stickers + Memo Pads

It's time to dust off your old sticker book and add some fresh ones to your collection!  We have an awesome assortment of funny and smelly stickers for your, car, walls, notebook, and face!  You'll find excellent gift ideas for teachers, co-workers, family, and friends!  Oh, and kids will eat them up!

Ramen Noodles Sticky Notes


Oodles of doodles Don't forget to pick up a pack of Ramen Noodles Sticky Notes next time you get a craving... to leave a memo.  They're a quick and easy way to satisfy your note leaving urges! Each hilarious reusable zipper-lock bag contains...

Bob Ross The Joy of Painting Sticky Notes


Let's get a little crazy here! Our happy little Bob Ross The Joy of Painting Sticky Notes features images Bob Ross and his unforgettable work. There are hundreds of handy notes and page markers to keep your place, keep your notes, and keep your...

Bandage Sticky Notes


Oops - ouch!  This is important! Our Bandage Sticky Notes are a clever way to bookmark and leave notes for yourself!  A light-hearted reminder that... OUCH!, it's going to hurt if I forget that! A fun gift for accomplished medical...

Trump's Executive Orders Sticky Notes Booklet


Make Your Memos Great Again! Need to get things done fast? Get Trump's Executive Orders Sticky Notes Booklet! Only losers wait for consensus. With plenty of "official" notes from The White House, you'll be on your way to Make Your Memos Great Again...

Cats in the Box Memo Tabbies


So predictable for cats! Our Cats in the Box Memo Tabbies are ready to leave their mark on all your important papers. These tabby cats are great for school, work and leisure with adorable faces and sticky backs to mark your place or remind you of...

Enchanted Unicorn Notepads

$7.99 $7.03

Unicorn Quest! Sure, you may be filled with dark, angry thoughts at times, but you can write those somewhere else!  Take a vacation from negativity with our Enchanted Unicorn Notebooks!  They're the perfect place to capture those sunny...

Mister Rogers' Neighborhood Sticky Notes


​Hi, Neighbor! It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood ever since our awesomely nostalgic Mister Rogers' Neighborhood Sticky Notes arrived!  Let them serve as a polite reminder to feed the fish, visit the Neighborhood of Make-Believe or change...

Pick a Pup Doggy Memo Tabs


Good dog! Our Pick a Pup Doggy Memo Tabs are the cutest way to mark your territory! (Without there being pee involved. That just wrecks pages, dontcha know!) These bandanna-clad pups are sporting their best puppy attire in hopes you'll take them all home...

Antisocial Media Notebooks

$8.99 $7.91

Don't tell me I'm antisocial... I know! Our grumpy Antisocial Media Notebooks labeled: I didn't buy this on Amazon, I didn't Google it, I read it in a book and Antisocial Media lets the world know that things like privacy and personal connection are...

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