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Stocking Stuffers

The Best Christmas Stocking Stuffer ideas for your friends and family!

Make your holiday season a blast with the perfect unique gifts for your friends and family members on Christmas morning!  We've selected our top fun and inexpensive gifts that will fit perfectly into a stocking! Make this year the Christmas that you become famous for your stuffers!


Bird's Eye View Sharpener + Pencil Holder


A little birdie told us they want to hold your pencil! Our colorful pink and orange Bird's Eye View Sharpener And Pencil Holder is the perfect pencil companion for everyone!  The Bird's Eye View holds on to your pencil and is a pencil sharpener...

GRL PWR Eraser Set


Girl Power! Make mistakes a thing of the past with our empowering GRL PWR Eraser Set. Use them for work or for art, rubbing out misspelled words or to add highlights to your drawings. Set of 4 erasers - never be without one when you need one 4 different...

Look! I'm Wearing The Smile You Gave Me Gum


Everyone Will Whaley Love This CandyWhale, hello there! We noticed our Look! I'm Wearing The Smile You Gave Me Gum has gotten your attention with it's perpetu-whale grin! Will you take this whale to be your very best friend? Pretty please, with some...

Mary Jane Scented Candle

$11.99 $10.05

This is not just another half-baked idea, our totally dank Mary Jane Scented Candle smells like the real deal!  Not that we would have any idea what that would smell like of course... err... anyway!Give this as a gift to your favorite stoner friend...

Narwhal Sneeze Lollipop


What's blue and green and sparkly all over? Our Narwhal Sneeze Lollipop by Melville Candy! This particular pop was embedded with glittery ocean blue and phlegm green sanding sugar then hand-poured on to a wooden popsicle stick. To add another layer...

Pooping At Work Hand Sanitizer


So one minute you're looking your colleagues in the eye, working on work stuff.  The next minute you're seperated by mere inches of a bathroom stall with your pants down.  Down!Is the hand dryer at the office just recycling all those fart germs...

Spicy Chili Pepper Lollipop


Are you a sucker for spicy food?  Lovers of spicy food will just eat up our handmade Spicy Chili Pepper Lollipops! Each one of these chili-pepper-shaped hard candy pops is infused with real chili pepper bits, and pack a heat that can't be beat!...

Swing Your Thing Men's Golf Socks


These Are Not About A Penis Golfing Socks​You know when they say the grass is always greener?  Well this is the other side they're talking about! Our Swing Your Thing Golf Men's Socks are a hole-in-one! Okay, that was too easy. Look, we know very...