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Sugar Bear Lollipop


Oh, I'm a Sugar Bear
Yeah, I'm a Sugar Bear

Our handmade, happy-go-lucky Sugar Bear Lollipops are hard candy doppelgangers of the original gummy bears! They're it on a stick! 

Available in a rainbow of colors and flavors!

  • Red (cherry)
  • Orange (orange)
  • Yellow (banana) 
  • Green (apple)
  • Blue (raspberry)
  • Pink (watermelon)
  • Purple (grape)

These aren't just your regular ole run of the mill lollipops!  They're hand-poured and made in the USA from a secret family recipe that's over 75 years old. They really stick it to the competition!

Looking for a reason to gift this to your sweetie? They make a fun stocking stuffer, Valentine's Day gift, Easter basket goodie, and more! Do you really need a reason?

Each lollipop is hand-poured; slight variations will occur. Individually wrapped, they are situated on a Kraft Paper Stick, with Kraft Twist Tie.  Allergens: Soy Each lollipop weighs 1oz. Made fresh to order in the USA. Kraft Paper Stick-Kraft Twist Tie. Our Sugar Bear Lollipops are an unbearably cute gift!

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